Smart Retail Services Excellence Award

With the growing presence of the online retail market in the GCC, a significant rise has been seen in the e-Retail market users and brands. The 'Smart Retail Services Excellence Award' recognizes an outstanding e-Retail brand in the Middle East that has optimized its online marketplace efficiently and pushed boundaries to exceed customer experience and expectations.

Eligibility criteria of a nomination for an award, the nominee:

1. Uses latest technology, add-on business applications to help customer loyalty and happiness.
2. Exploited the social media channels such as Facebook as an effective marketing tool.
3. Built an online marketplace of top creativity to push the boundaries exceeding customer experience.
4. Optimized the online store and increased conversion rates by keeping up to date with technology.
5. Discovered meaningful ways to enhance the website's search engine optimization.
6. Established online CMS and designed the site to enhance the customer shopping experience.
7. The shopping website must have a limited-step process for purchasing and payment.
8. Provided excellent customer service and created a savvy online community to be a part of.
9. Successfully helped e-commerce brands streamline their business and achieved the set goals.
10. Developing new technology that has most significantly enhanced the customer experience.
11. Deployed new strategies using customer feedback and data most effectively.
12. Transformed to adhere to standards brought about by changing consumer habits.
13. Developed the most effective change in how customers shop and discover their brand(s).
14. Built a strategy for consistent high audience engagement and a strong sense of brand community.
15. All e-commerce channels used are secure and have won the trust of public.

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